The Grape region

Green grape-vines aren't only found in France, but also in our own Belgium, grapes ripen under the sun.
This idyll is the perfect  setting for a relaxing walk or a wonderful bike ride.
So, pack your walking shoes ! Bikes can be rented at the hotel.

You stay in rural Overijse, in the middle of the beautiful Grape region.
We no longer have to tell you that this is the ideal base for a fantastic weekend away in your own country.
The  Zoniën frest is nearby, so seeing the local fauna en flora is certainly one of the options.


The Zoniën forest: a beautiful part of nature

The Zoniën forest is located south-west of Brussels and is bigger than 4000m2.
This forest is sometimes referred to as the green lung of Brussels.
In the area you can occupy yourself for hours by admiring the fauna and flora.
You will discover various rare plants and about 40 species of mammals.
In the east of the forest lies the Geographical Arboretum that counts more than 450 different tree species.
Visiting the arboretum is free, but bikes are not allowed inside.

Royal Museum Central Africa - Tervuren
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Since 1 december 2013 the museum is closed for renovations. Reopening is scheduled for the end of 2018.


Enjoy a bit of culture in the Zoniën forest.
You can admire more than 500  artworks by the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folor at the farm located in the gardens of the Castle of La Hulpe.


At the Doode Bemde you can hike along the border of the Dijle-river.

The Doode Bemde has a total of 9km hiking-routes and is one of the most accessible nature reserves of Flemish-Brabant.

There are 2 hiking loops through the nature reserve : the southern loop = red arrows and the northers loop = blew arrows) . A wooden-deck trail helps visitors cross the wettest parts of the reserve.

On the nature reserve there are 2 birdhides and if your are lucky you can find some beaver tracks.

The trails take you through 250 hectares of nature. It's like a mosaic of little fields, plantations, meadows, reed beds, ponds & canals and hay fields.